Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Wife Swaps Husband's Sperm For Lover's During IVF

A Russian man has indicted an IVF clinic after his wife admitted that she had exchanged his sperm during the treatment for the treatment of her lover.

Maxim Anokhin only discovered that his one-year-old son was not his biological child when their relationship became sour and his wife agreed to the exchange.

Yana Anokhina, 38, reportedly told the clinic she wanted the man she loved to be the father, but had her husband paid for treatment and kept him in the dark for the first year of the child.

Mr. Anokhin successfully continued the Moscow clinic that allowed the exchange and received £ 4,600 as compensation for his moral and financial damage.

"I trusted my wife," he said. "I believed her and trusted her, 100 percent.

"It means that when I told you about it ... I was shocked ... I was upset and I could hardly believe it."

The court found that he had paid for the IVF treatment and provided his semen who believes that he would be the father of the baby.

Mrs. Anokhina did not talk about the trade, but according to reports she would want the father of her baby to be the man she loved-not her husband.

But for a year Mr. Anokhin believed that the child was his and the boy, the Timofey, loved and supported.

Later the couple split and are now both in new relationships, the court was told. Mr Anokhin said his wife revealed the truth to him when they broke up.

DNA testing showed that Anokhin was not the father who prompted him to sue the Kulakov Medical Center for IVF treatment.

Mr Anokhin has now born another son without IVF treatment with his new partner. He is now 'happy' but 'can not forget the other little boy who called his son for a year', Vesti reported.

Mrs. Anokhina now has a relationship with her father's biological father.

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