Friday, 28 September 2018

Two Whistle Blowers Arrested For False Information in Abuja

The Special Presidential Investigation Bureau has arrested two whistleblowers for allegedly misleading them with false information.

News anchors report that the allegedly false information was made available to Mr. Emmanuel Mbaka, the leading developer and managing director of Platinum Mortgage Bank.

The male suspects, Prince Jeff Ove, 37, of Bayelsa, and Mohammed Sanusi, 39, of Kogi, were handed over to journalists by spokeswoman Lucie-Ann Laha in Abuja on Friday.

Laha claimed that the suspects had told the group under oath that the victim present at the press conference had plundered and hidden huge sums of money at his home in Abuja. She said that the wrong tip led panel activists to ambush Mbaka's house, an effort that ended in vain, as none of it was found.

"We received information from the suspects that the victim was a politician who has captured a large amount of money and hid in his home.

"We have found out that the person is not a politician, and I do not believe that association with politicians automatically becomes a politician.

"We were told there was a lot of money in his house, and the panel did a thorough investigation, turned the house upside down and found nothing," she said. Laha, who apologized on behalf of the Panel to Mbaka, said the suspects were being prosecuted to show that the Federal Government's Whistleblower Policy is not an instrument for killing people.

"Policymakers should encourage Nigerians to provide credible information to anti-corruption agencies to capture those who have plundered the Nigerian community." Those who pass on information to the panel and to other anti-corruption agencies are the ones who Confidentiality and certain rewards for sure.

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