Tuesday, 4 September 2018

sent Police Officer Dies During S*x Romp With Lover In His Office

A 56-year-old Chief Inspector of Police (SP), Sunday Eguakhide, reportedly died while he was making love with a mother of two in his office. The incident, it was learned happened on August 24, around 11.30, in his office at Police College, Ikeja.

Sources at the college said yesterday that the woman was his second wife, whom he married outside marriage. According to the sources, the woman was always visiting the deceased in his office. On the ill-fated day, the lovers were having sex when Eguakhide died less than a week before his retirement.

The lover was arrested by police officers from the Ikeja division and has been in custody since.

The deceased was said to have sex addicts when he wanted to make love with the woman whose identity was still unknown.

But the beloved allegedly denied knowing anything about the death of Eguakhide.

"He had sex with me in his office He had already gone one round, but as usual he was not satisfied, I even told him that the medicine he always used when we wanted to have sex was not good for my body. did not like it because I was the one who suffered the most.

"After taking the medicine, he would bump into me for a long time and because of the medicine it usually takes a long time.

On that fateful day, after he had completed the first round, he refused to let me dress. He started playing with me until his masculinity (penis) was re-established. Then he began to make love with me again, "she was quoted.

The woman, who was said to be a small merchant, said at a certain point that the deceased was starting to do so; and suddenly rolled off her, rolled off the couch in his office where they had sex, on the floor and started jerking. The woman who was afraid would have repeatedly mentioned the name of Eguakhide, but he refused to respond and continued to shake.

When she noticed that his tongue was beginning to protrude and foams came out of his mouth, she unlocked the office door, ran out and started shouting, calling for help, and unaware that her bras were dangling.

It was also taught that before aid could come, Eguakhide was already dead. He was found blush with his hastily removed shirt and his trousers still on his desk.

It was also learned that the deceased was recently promoted to the rank of SP and had to retire on 31 August.

Some subordinates of Eguakhide claimed that he was fond of sex in his office with different women. He was also accused of being fond of compelling female recruits to have sex with him in his office.

When his wife was alerted, she was sent to Ikeja Police College, where Eguakhide served as an officer in charge of Transport at Works Department. She collapsed in tears and accused the Force of finally succeeding in killing her husband.

But the woman would have been informed of what led to the death of her husband.

His remains were later evacuated and deposited at the Ikeja General Hospital mortuary.

However, a policeman denied the claim that Eguakhide died as a result of a strengthening medicine.

He said: "I worked closely with him in the Transport Department, when I noticed that he was suffering from blood pressure, while the woman in the center of the crisis is his second wife.

But he married her outside the marriage. When she wanted to see the man, she always came to the office.

"As far as I know, I do not know if they were sleeping in the office, but what I knew was that the woman usually comes to pick him up in his office to raise money for the maintenance of her children.

"He was a generous person, our superior warns every officer at the police academy to take good care of our health, it was the non-commissioned officer who rushed him to the hospital, but he died before they arrived at the Ikeja General Hospital. because he had no grudges with anyone. "

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