Friday, 7 September 2018

Samsung To Launch FOLDING Smartphone

Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh, has said it's "time to deliver" a folding mobile phone.

Rumors or Samsung's Galaxy X have been swirling for some time, but Koh suggests that the launch could be within a couple of months.

The company now seems that there is enough demand for folding phone. The clear screen was clearly on their wishlists.

Although the development of a device that is folded into half is complicated Koh said that development on the concept was "nearly concluded".

Koh also made it clear that the device will have a distinct purpose. In an interview with CNBC he said: "What kind of benefit does that [phone]?" "If the unfolded experience is the same, why would they buy it?"

Samsung has been working on the technology behind a folding phone for some time.

As far back as 2009 the company was demonstrating OLED screens that could be used, as such, useful in folding phones.

Last year rumors picked up pace with leaks suggesting a new Samsung Galaxy X would arrive in 2018, but it looks more likely that any folding phone will appear at Samsung's developer conference in November.

A device probably will not go on sale until at least 2019.

The Galaxy X, or whatever Samsung's folding phone ends up being called, will no doubt be expensive. The current flagship, the Note 9, costs up to £ 1,100 in its 512GB capacity.

The added complication of a folding mechanism and two screens could make the Galaxy X very expensive indeed.

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