Saturday, 1 September 2018

No Politician Has Ever Given Me Money -Comedian Seyi Law

During the week, Seyi Law posted photos of the interior of her newly acquired home on her Instagram page. In the post, he noted that he had only N63k in his account, before buying the house.

While most people congratulated him, a reporter published a message asking the police to investigate the actor's source of income.

In an exclusive conversation with Saturday Beats, the comedian said it was good that someone called the police to investigate his source of income, but he noted that the call had been misdirected. .

He said, "I think it's good for Nigerians to ask questions. If someone asks the police to investigate, I think that's a good thing, but I think there are some people to ask. We should demand more from our politicians. If someone asks the police to investigate, that's not a bad thing. However, one thing that people should know is that I am one of the few artists to swear on his life that no politician has given me money. All I have today was my sweat. One of the questions that the journalist who called me on social media should have asked, "Did I pay for the house entirely?" He did not ask me and this is part of his stupidity and his mistakes.

When asked how he was able to pay for the apartment, the actor gave Saturday Beats a glimpse of how he earns his money through comedy.

"If I invested about 15 million nairas in my show in Lagos and made about 20 million nairas, I do not think I made too much profit. If I invested about 5 million euros in my Ibadan issue and made about 9 million euros, I do not think I made too much profit. This means that I made a profit of about 9 million euros. I also did a show in Port-Harcourt and I'm currently planning another show in Lagos. When I said that I had lost money at concerts I did in the UK and Dublin, I did not mean that I had lost everything I had invested.

"The reason I said I was so broken that I had 63,000 N in my account was because I paid for the room I would use for my shows in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Port -Harcourt among other expenses and naira.It was investments that cost me about 20 million nairas.If I invested N20m for my shows and had N63,000 on my account, does that mean that I do not have any money - I mentioned my property in the post, but no one referred to it, "he said.

The comedian, who is known to often share his testimony on social media, said he would not stop doing so because he saw it as a source of motivation for others who admired him.

"I will not stop posting my stories on social media. I participated in a tour with the PAL pension and my duty was to motivate the students. The reporter who made this statement about my job is someone who knows me. He could have sent me a private message explaining to me how I could buy a house based on my testimony, but he did not do it. This is how a journalist is supposed to ask questions. I repeat it again and I swear on my blood and that of my mother that I never received money from a politician. I do not dare any politician to say that they gave me money. In fact, I was the one who helped most of the rich people I know because I could do a show for them and they would make me do three more for free. Is not it me who helps them? I helped more people than they helped me. I'm not one of those celebrities who do good things on camera, "he said.

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