Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Nigerians will enjoy 24-hour power supply if Buhari is re-elected - Amaechi

Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi said Nigerians will enjoy 24 hours of electricity if President Muhammadu Buhari is re-elected.

He said the Buhari administration has achieved a lot in security, roads, war against corruption and so on.

The minister, who spoke yesterday during an interactive session with the media, commenting on why Buhari and the APC government deserved a second term, Amaechi said:

"The Nigerians have taught me a lesson I learned in politics and that is why nothing bothers me again, the people who praise you today, if you see them when you are out of power, will surprise you." Those who sing hallelujah and hosanna will remain the same. same people who will scream to crucify him tomorrow.

"We have done much more than transport, in terms of corruption, this economy was an income economy, public money was spent anyway and it was an economy that was not worked hard for, that is why today they see politicians They are very rich and a year after the government, they are poor, because they do not know how to manage money.

"When Buhari arrived, he said no and we can not continue spending anyway, Buhari has not said that people should not steal, he has kept quiet to see who can steal because there is a consequence to stealing.

"I do not want to say that it has stopped completely, but it has shrunk." Before, there were many empty houses in Abuja, people were building and speculating that new politicians would come in and buy in. But we went in, we could not buy because of the economy. If you say that Buhari has not done anything against corruption, you are being very unfair.

"In addition, the 2016 budget was six percent capital, but now we have 20 percent capital, we are doing 80% recurrence and 20% capital, and we believe that in the next two or three years, we will get 30 percent capital and we will achieve it if we reduce current expenses and deal with waste. "

He continued: "It is also unfair that the Nigerians think that the Ministry of Works is not working." The road to Bonny was abandoned after Obasanjo left the government.

"The sum of the contract for the road was below N39 billion, but now it's N120 billion, when I was governor, I wrote to the federal government under Jonathan that I wanted to make the road for N39 billion, but they did not answer me.

"In my last year as governor, Energy wrote that they would take care of 50% of the bill and I wrote back to the federal government, but they did not respond because I was in APC. Now that the federal government wants to do it, the cost is now 150 billions of pounds sterling.

"Then, the Buhari government is dealing with corruption, building roads." The worst road in Nigeria used to be between Uyo and Calabar, but it has been awarded.

"The road to Enugu is also that people complain, contractors are already working on the road, work can be slow, but they are working, when we arrived, the oil cost $ 28 per barrel and our budget was $ 35 and Suddenly it was reduced, but the Budget Minister managed to make us survive.Now oil costs $ 74, but we have not yet reached $ 110. If we get to that, things will change quickly.In addition, Ilorin-Jebba road. They have awarded contracts for the construction of many roads.

"There is also an improvement in power, we have gone from 3000megawatt to 7000, but we are distributing 5000 because some of the infrastructures are not in good condition, but we are fixing them.

"The expectation is that it should be 24 hours of energy supply, but there will still be a gap, but if you give us a second term, that gap will be closed."

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