Sunday, 30 September 2018

Nigeria Army Finds Missing General’s Car In Jos Pond

After eight days of intense search for water evacuation, the Nigerian Army found the car of a retired yen on Saturday. Alcuday idol on a lake located in Dura, Du District on Jos.

The car, with registration number MUN-670-AA Kwara State, was pulled out of the lake at around 7 pm.

The army helped the search and rescue operation by Fire Brigade men, local divers and experts from the National Emergency Management Service (NEMA).

NAN reports that Alkalis, former commander of the Nigerian Army headquarters, Abuja, had been missing since September 3, trying to locate his place without bearing fruit.

The army, acting on information controls, later reduced search to the lake and insisted on discharging water from it.

Speaking with news agencies after pulling the car, Chief of General Commander Augustine Agundu, Special Force on the Plateau Security, said the water evacuation began on September 22, the vehicle.

Agustus explained that Alkali was trapped in voices in the city of Durah when the forgotten youths blocked streets and attacked travelers after an invasion of the community on September 2, during which 13 people were killed.

"We started this search on September 22, when we ordered the Chief of the Military Staff to find the missing servant.

"The officer, who left in June 2018, after 35 years of service, traveled to Bauchi when he ran into the mob.

"We immediately got information about his movement, we went back to action to find him." The information report convinced us that this pond was where it was being refused.

"There are about 32 abandoned mining sites in this community, for us to distinguish it, it shows that a lot of information was collected.

"On the first day of the operation, some women tried to stop us, arguing that the lake was the source of drinking water. They also said the lake was their ancestral water, but we ignored them.

"This lake contains many hidden secrets, there are four more cars that we have discovered in ourselves, and we are determined to overcome all the secrets within it," he said.

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