Saturday, 29 September 2018

My wife and I did not Date, we just got married - comedian Akpororo

While many people believe in having a long love affair with their partner in order to get to know them well before marriage, it seems a popular comedian, Akpororo, is an exception to the rule.

In a recent conversation on Saturday, Beats, the comedian and singer hint that he had met his wife since he was a member of a dance group and shortly after they began to exchange pleasantly, they were married.

"I did not have the date of my husband, we were in the same industry and it was with the Explicit Dance Group, we met sometime and greeted each other.

We have never had time until today. I would say we started dating after we got married. Although I'm a comedian, when I approached her, he took my words seriously because every time I'm serious, you'll know easily.

"I was already popular since I married my wife. Some people say that as soon as you get married, your rhythm or production in the industry would fall, but I do not believe that because what you think will happen to your career is what will I've changed the belief that you have to meet someone for a long time before you get married, "he said.

The humor traitor, who confirmed that Nigerian comedians seemed to always go for beautiful women, said it was just a coincidence.

She said: "We work hard and we see beautiful ladies everyday, so it is natural to marry a beautiful woman. It's just a coincidence that comedians have beautiful husbands, but the truth is that we love beautiful women. only with the face but with the character, by working hard with a prayer warrior. We love beautiful women. "

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