Friday, 21 September 2018

Kim Covers Her Face With $100K Birkin Bag From Photographers Shortly After Kanye’s Rant

 Kim Kardashian so was not in the mood on Thursday. The superstar pulled a move that was extremely out of character and was seen trying to avoid photographers when she was spotted picking up clothes in Los Angeles.

This sighting comes to the same day Kanye West lashed out at Drake and Nick Cannon in a profanity laced video.

While running errands in LA, Kim was briefly spotted in a plain light heather gray T-shirt walking to her car with an armful of gray clothes.

Holding her expensive tawny colored alligator Birkin bag over her face, Kim tried to shield herself from the waiting press.

The mother of three kept the bag up and out of her SUV door until she had safely ducked inside.

The scene was bizarre, and was followed shortly after by an Instagram video posted by her husband that also featured the model hiding from the camera.

In the video shot by Kanye, a group of people were listening to music as he panned the camera around the room.

Each time I stopped on Kim, who was dressed in leggings and a large black jacket, she tried to completely obscure her face with her hand.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashian's star did not seem upset by Ye filming, despite hiding, she can be heard giggling.

The I Am A God rapper captioned the video: 'my love is so beautiful.'

The duck and cover moves by Kim comes amid reports that Kanye wants to move their family to Chicago.

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