Monday, 17 September 2018

Kanye West turns his attention Into Film Production

 He has conquered music and fashion; Now, Kanye West is turning his efforts towards the big screen.
West submitted documents last month to establish Half Beast, LLC., A film production company, it was reported.

Winner of the Grammy, 41, has used the nickname of Half Beast in legal documents seeking brands related to entertainment in 2015 and later in 2016.

The creator of music and fashion could have been giving fans a preview of what he has in store in a creative way in recent days, as he led social networks to comment on possible cinematic creations in the future.

The Runaway singer tweeted over the weekend: "We are creating a movie called Spiritual Telephone," which then described a possible project he could have worked on in the near future.

'' Cinematographic concept: a being bought in the Merriam-Webster dictionary of Walgreens '', he wrote, '' to highlight positive words in orange and negative words in yellow language created by African parables wishing the universal power that manifests world peace. ''

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