Tuesday, 11 September 2018

In the photo! 102-year-old twins celebrate they birthday

More Americans are living beyond the 100, but there were twice the excitement when the 102-year-old twins recently celebrated their big birthday in Georgia.

With their gray hairs combed in buns, their nails painted with red enamel and their suits combined, Ann and Gussie Crumby looked elegant and energetic as they greeted their guests.

Born in May, they waited until this month to organize a party and celebrate with their family, reported WMAZ-TV in Macon.

"I do not even know I'm old, I still feel young," Ann Crumby told the station.

"I did not feel anything different from what I did [that] when I was 101 years old," Gussie Crumby added, noting that she and her sister always make sure they are together. "When I look around, I see her and when she looks around, she sees me."

The twins were born in 1916 and were raised by their grandmother in Hancock County, Georgia, southeast of Atlanta, where they grew up on a farm, worked in the fields and went to "a small school" with a single teacher, they told WMAZ - TV.

Both became seamstresses, Ann moved to New York when she got married and Gussie stayed closer to home with her husband. They lived apart for decades, but they met in the late 1990s, and since then, "they have not separated so much," they told the station.

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