Monday, 10 September 2018

I’m Surprised Nigerians Are Not Clapping For Buhari – Chris Ngige  

The Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige said Sunday that Nigeria would be in ruins if President Muhammadu Buhari had not been chosen to test the country's affairs in 2015.

Ngige, who spoke with journalists in Onitsha, the state of Anambra, said the congress of all the progressives had struck the country when it took over the Democratic People's Party about three years ago.

He was surprised to learn that Nigerians were not "clapping" for Buhari because they had revived the country's economy from what he called a state of comatose.

Recalled that the general feeling was that Buhari had failed in the area of ​​security and economy, Ngige said: "Do not just talk about that, we're great with the economy, nobody, I mean, nobody would have done better than this current one. government in those two areas.

"I want you to take something away and that thing is that every other person who deals with this situation, economy, security, it would have been worse.

"We came in and oil at a rate of $ 37 per barrel with a production of 600,000 per day, a decrease of 2.2 million and yet we managed to save the economy from the recession.

"Nigerians should clap daily for us, and after thanking God, they should thank us, yes, because God used Buhari and some of us to make Nigeria work.

The minister said that the Buhari government had created more than eight million jobs through agriculture and related industries, stressing that previous governments were dependent on oil money and were unable to diversify the economy.

He claimed that due to the favorable environment created by the APC government, the country has now saved about $ 1.8 billion annually in rice imports.

He added: "We have encouraged people and said that there is dignity in labor by hand and today we are the second in the world in the world's production of sorghum, and today we import about four percent of the rice needs of the country.

"Before, this country spent $ 5 million every day on rice and about $ 1.8 billion a year on rice imports, and you do not want to slap us!

He described those who complained to the Buhari government as 'loafers looking for appointments and jobs with air conditioning'.

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