Saturday, 1 September 2018

I'm One Of The Greatest Managers in History of Football- Mourinho

Manchester United player Jose Mourinho said Friday that he remains "one of the world's greatest managers" despite his team's poor start to the season.

Mourinho demanded respect from the media following the 3-0 home defeat by Tottenham Hotspur, United's second defeat in their first three campaign matches.

"I won eight titles and I'm the only manager to win in Italy, Spain and England," he told reporters.

"No small titles, good titles, and my second place last season was one of my biggest football successes," he said.

Mourinho won the Serie A title with Inter Milan in 2009 and 2010, the Spanish title with Real Madrid in 2012 and three Premier League titles with Chelsea. He has also won the Portuguese championship twice with Porto.

"I'm the manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world, but I'm also one of the greatest managers in the world," he said, defending his record at United where he won the Europa League . then finished second in the Premier League last season.

"I had great success last season, and I was very successful last season, which you probably do not want to admit.

Asked whether he would still consider himself one of the biggest winners if he failed to win a title with the world champions on 20 occasions, Mourinho said, "Have you read philosophers? ... Hegel says, the truth is in the big picture, it's still overall that you find the truth. "

He then turned the tables on the media. "Are you asking this question of the manager who finished third in the Premier League last season, the manager who finished fourth, the manager who finished fifth?" He asked.

Mourinho also explained his decision to stand in front of the fans at the end of Monday's defeat and applaud them.

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