Saturday, 8 September 2018

IK Osakioduwa Gets A Laptop From Basket Mouth After Thieves Broke Into His Car

Sweet media personality, I Osakioduwa was robbed a few days ago. Apparently he parked his car somewhere and before he returned, his window was destroyed and his laptop and other personal belongings were stolen.

I said that he had complained all his friends and that Basket Mouth did one thing; surprised him with a brand new laptop. I went to IG now to shout the comedian and asked his fans to do the same.

Lol, the truth is that I was very convinced of the just concluded AMVCA. He was bathed for almost everyone. He threw jabs at everyone, I mean everyone including his co-presenter. LOL. You see, who makes a joke on everyone during an event and is still high? I, ONLY I. Imagine that I say so, the audience (90 percent celebs) could not clap because their clothes were too tight, lol. He is lucky. Cardi B was not there, she had thrown her shoes from her seat to her! LOL. The thieves have probably heard this and decided to fight on behalf of their celebrities, LOL. Sorry !!

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