Friday, 7 September 2018

Earth Tremor hit Abuja City this Morning

 Paniek seized residents of parts of the Federal Capital Region (FCT) after experiencing an earthquake on Wednesday night.

Mpape and parts of Maitama districts were the areas where the earthquake was pronounced.

Fatima Ahmedu, a resident of Mpapae, described the experience as scary.
She said that her building was shocked by the unusual movement that was noticed around five o'clock, causing her to leave the building out of fear.

Ahmedu said that the unusual movement had occurred about three times and that Mpape residents were scared all night.

Yesterday, the FG took a safety step, but this morning, residents of Abuja took them on Twitter to tell them they felt it again. See their tweets below and what FG says someone should do if something like this happens.

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