Thursday, 20 September 2018

Day Care Owner Who Maltreats Babies Is Arrested in texas

A day-care provider in Mesquite, Texas, was arrested on charges of keeping children in their car seats for hours and giving them painkillers to calm them.

According to WFAA, Rebecca Anderson, 60, was arrested on nine counts of endangering a child.

Police investigated Anderson's nursery after receiving complaints from parents about the treatment of their children, including one who captured the abuse through a hidden camera mounted on the seat of his son's car.

The WFAA reports that when the police investigated the daycare center, they found additional evidence of abuse, including prolonged periods of "restricted movement."

Nine children were removed from the nursery and met with parents.

An affidavit obtained by The Associated Press said that Anderson tied laces around the children's neck to limit movement and pulled a 6-month-old boy by the bib around his neck.

Anderson also gave the children acetaminophen to stay calm.

According to reports, Anderson told the police that he gave the children the medicine to make their job easier.

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