Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Crocodile Eats Woman & Her Baby In Uganda

A crocodile has attacked and then eaten a woman and her five-month-old baby in Uganda, it has been reported.

The incident, which took place on the shores of Lake Albert, has been led to the country's wildlife authority issuing a stark warning counting people to avoid crocodile-infested regions.

Jesca Kabiira, a resident of the Kagadi district, had gone to get some water from the shores with her baby when she was captured by a crocodile.

An eyewitness said that nearby when they saw the crocodile, but Ms Kabiira was not able to get away, according to the Daily Monitor.

"We are advising people to avoid areas where these man-eater crocodiles are," Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) spokesman, Bashir Hangi, said.

"Crocodiles stay in fish-breeding areas, but when the fish gets depleted, they come to the surface and attack and eat humans."

Ms. Kabiira's husband said that he had not recovered yet.

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