Friday, 14 September 2018

Court sentence robber to Death by hanging in Ondo

The State Superior Court of Ondo, sitting in Akure, the capital of the state, yesterday sentenced James Ofem, a convict for armed robbery, to die hanged.

The court said that Ofem belonged to the famous robbery gang that terrorized residents, mostly motorists on the Ondo-Ore highway, and who had been on the security watch list for a long time.

Judge Williams Olamide, who pronounced the ruling, said the convict was guilty of two counts of conspiracy and armed robbery against him.

He said the witnesses alluded to the use of weapons by the defendant during his attacks.

According to Judge Olamide, the prosecution demonstrated the theft case beyond reasonable doubt with convincing evidence that the defendant was guilty of the crime.

Prosecutor of the Department of Public Ministry (DPP) of the Ministry of Justice, Wale Bamisile, recalled how Ofem, along with his gang members, on July 12 of last year, stole Adamu Mustapha from his CoolPad phone, his Infinix and Nokia phones.

Another witness, Sgt. Franklin Alabi of the Enuowa Police Station, who presented the evidence retrieved from the suspect, said the investigation into the matter revealed that Ofem was found guilty of the theft.

Another witness, Adamu Mustapha, said that he and a bus driver were attacked by the robber band of Ofem around the village of Liyetu on the Ondo-Ore highway.

He said: "My driver and I came across a barricade on the road from Ondo-Ore." Suddenly, out of nowhere, armed robbers came out and began to beat us mercilessly.Our clothes, phones and N52,710 were stolen.

"We reported the incident to the police station in the Enuowa Division in the city of Ondo, and a few days later they called to tell us they had recovered stolen items and arrested the guilty parties."

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