Friday, 7 September 2018

Court Orders Arrest Of Mike Adenuga’s Son Over Custody Battle

Court has ordered the arrest of Eniola, the son of telecommunications guru Mike Adenuga.

The Chief Magistrate, Mr. A. Elias, in a statement issued Thursday, August 16, 2018, said the court had refused to grant custody of his child, Anthena, to Damilola's mother.

Elias said that Enniola should be arrested until he gives "the entire subject (Anthena) to the respondent (Damilola)".

Punch Metro reported that Enniola and Damilola were in a relationship, the 25-year-old being pregnant and having the child.

The disagreement would have broken out between the duo and their families, leading to a legal battle for custody of the child.

Punch's correspondent reported that a Tinubu magistrates' conference in September 2017 made a provisional decision granting custody of the child to the mother.

However, while Enniola was granted unrestricted access to the child, she was asked to pick her up every Friday and bring her back to the mother on Sunday.

The arrangement would run smoothly until May 18, 2018, when the father, along with two police officers, reportedly took Athena from school and did not return it to the mother.

Falana and Falana's chambers petitioned Lagos state commissioner Edgal Imohimi, who accused Eniola of being kidnapped.

Ms. Funmi Falana filed an ex parte application on behalf of her client on May 25, 2018 and asked the mother to be released.

She said that Damilola was traumatized by the incident and added that she was afraid of the child's safety.

The request was granted by a magistrate, Mrs. M.R. Osho-Adebiyi, who ordered Eniola to produce the child.

He was also ordered to appear in court to explain why he should not be charged with contempt of court.

However, Eniola's lawyer, Victor Amalu, filed a motion on August 7, 2018, requesting that execution of the order be executed.

Amalu also asked that the disdain of the legal application be destroyed.

The Chief Magistrate, referring to Article 64 of the Lagos Convention on the Rights of the Child, 2007, gave custody of the child until the age of 18 years.

He also gave Eniola "supervised" access to the child, adding that he could only see her every two weeks.

Elias advised parents to take the child's well-being seriously and give it priority.

"The applicant's continued refusal to produce the subject in court is a contempt: an order to issue an arrest warrant is therefore imposed on the police to cause his arrest until he purges himself of contempt and entrusts the total control to the defendant, "he added.

When Punch's correspondent contacted Eniola because of his reaction to the verdict, he asked for some time to call him back.

A lawyer, who claimed to have represented him, Abimbola Eniola, sent a Punch correspondent to the Lagos Supreme Court on August 17, 2018.

The document stated that Enniola was the applicant, while the Chief Magistrate, Elias and Damilola, were respondents.

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