Monday, 3 September 2018

Buhari Govt to arrest, arraign Saraki -Timi Frank alleges

Former deputy national publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), comrade Timi Frank, said Sunday that the Buhari government has finalized a plan to arrest and nominate President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki.

The planned charge was part of a renewed attack by the presidency and the APC leadership against Saraki.

Frank in a statement in Abuja said that the goal of Aso Rock and the Adams Oshiomhole-led APC is to embarrass Saraki and frustrate his chances of being nominated by the Democratic People's Party (PDP) against Buhari during the upcoming presidential election of the president.

Frank said: "The Muhammadu Buhari aggressive attacks against President Muhammadu Buhari's aggressive attacks on their phobia that would be the President of the Senate for President and Buhari in 2019 would beat.

"Now that their worst fears have been confirmed by Saraki's formal statement to contest the presidential election last week, they are again feverishly looking for hangs on his neck.

"I have a good understanding that the new plot to hold Saraki this week is the first in the series of strategies perfected by Buhari and his companions during their ongoing 'business trip' in China. '

"I have warned the national and international community that Buhari's APC governors, senators and heads of security agencies with entourage were not in China and how to improve the 2019 elections in favor of the APC.

"Remember that I have to be intimidated, intimidated, persecution, intolerance, defamation, arrests, and kangaroo lawsuit against Buhari's re-election pray - to the exclusion of his allies with corruption against them."

However, the former leader of the APC is calling on Nigerians and members of the international community not to be devalued by Saraki.

He insisted that the false charges are up to date. Saraki's presidential ambition in the same way that they have unsuccessfully attempted in the past years. as president of the senate.

"It's a proven axiom that no democracy can survive without a lively opposition, so do not try to fool political opposition. to protect the nation's hard-earned democracy.

"I do not want Nigerians to forget that Adams Oshiomhole has Saraki out of office by phone or swindler, and the threatened ending Saraki's dominance or Kwara politics in 2019.

"Now that Saraki has thrown his hat in the ring for the presidential election, the party, in consultation with the presidency, is out to slander his name and stop him from participating in the upcoming elections."

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