Saturday, 8 September 2018

Bobrisky Banned From Entering UK

 Bobrisky was supposed to be in the UK yesterday for a Meet & Greet with fans and also his London Birthday Celebration but he was denied entry at the Heathrow airport. Why? According to the cross dresser, someone snitched on HIM. Someone alerted the authorities Bob was coming to work with a Visa. The person also showed them evidence, and gbam! They were waiting for Bob. Soon as he arrived he was excused off the line and questioned. Bob could not defend it and he was denied entry into the country and was forced to return to Nigeria. He arrived early morning and he had mocking him on social media.

He has now been forced to address the report saying his haters are behind it, and he'll be back to London soon with the right visa. What he said ....

"I want to say a big thank you to all my Uk fans who really want to see me badly ... I know some of you have got love for me but trust me it hurt me that I cried dis morning because I was not able to see people who really love me and appreciate me, I think that I was deported or banned from entering the UK that is a fat lie. soul, you can not break me, and I will not see you grow in success Let me correct ur impressions darling we know you but i will not mention ur name I will go to Uk to relax and enjoy myself not to make money 💴. I do not want anything less than 1million a month in my country, I got so famous in my county, I would not love my country NIGERIA 🇳🇬. Out of dis money I make monthly I still help the needs who need my help. immigration treated me awesome because they have gone through my past record of all the country I have visited for a few years and there was no BAD recor d) So nothing still change my coming to Uk 🇬🇧. I came home voluntarily to the right visa I'm coming Uk lovers ❤️ ''

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