Saturday, 1 September 2018

Bale Falls Out With Fiancee's Criminal Dad In A Row Over His child

Gareth Bale hit his fiancée's criminal father in a row on a photo of the football star's little boy.

The hero of the Champions League had the international fraudster Martin Rhys-Jones photographed by newcomer Axel Charles.

Rhys-Jones, 53, has been informed that the photo must be kept confidential and not available on social media.

But he published it on a Twitter page created to promote his book on his criminal past.

A parent of Gareth and his future wife Emma said, "Gareth became ballistic when he saw the picture.

"The couple is very private about anything to do with their children, but Martin is not afraid.

"This created an even bigger gap between them."

The Real Madrid football star invited his father-in-law to participate in the evening at Elevens, the bar he owns in the Welsh capital.

It was Bale's opportunity to show the little boy he had always dreamed of.

The little Axel Charles, born in May, was passed around busy parents, all said not to publish photos on social networks.

The father of five, Rhys-Jones, broke the agreement and wrote under the photo: "My new grandchild and his father at Elevens Bar - freedom has almost the same taste as food!"

Bale's parent said, "Martin seems determined to upset them by ignoring their privacy demands.

"Gareth and Emma asked her to take the picture, but she's still here so everyone can see her."

Rhys-Jones, who spent six years in an American jail for organizing an international scam, has already been ruled out of the couple's marriage, which has been postponed to next year due to "family unrest".

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