Thursday, 20 September 2018

Armed Robbers Attack In Ekiti killed 2 people

Residents of Igede, headquarters of the Irepodun / Ifelodun Local Government Area, panic after a bloody attack on a bank of the old generation in the city by suspected armed robbers on Wednesday night.

The gang of seven men pounced on the bank located on the Ado-Aramoko-Ilesa road at approximately 5.50 p.m. and shot sporadically in the air.

Residents revealed that human and vehicular traffic was stopped by the thugs who were located inside and outside the bank's premises.

The attack surprised the banking and local workers who lived nearby, by surprise, as the bank had officially closed for the day at the time the thieves got stuck.

A bank worker and a security guard were shot dead by thieves during the operation that lasted about 20 minutes.

The thieves, during the attack, flew the ATM Machine with bullets, causing panic in the vicinity of the bank.

Igede was the last Ekiti community to try the bitter pill of a bank robbery.

Other communities that have witnessed bank robberies in recent times are Ado, Ikere, Ilasa, Ikere, Ifaki, Otun, Okemesi and Ilawe.

A visit to Igede on Thursday showed residents wearing sad looks meeting in groups to discuss the bank robbery.

Police spokesman Caleb Ikechukwu, who confirmed the incident, said that men from the Special Anti-Theft Squad (SARS) were deployed on the scene who exchanged gunfire with the thieves.

Ikechukwu, a deputy superintendent of police, said the thieves later fled the scene and were pursued by the SARS men until they escaped into a dense forest somewhere between Igede and Ilawe.

He revealed that the guard, who was shot in the head, died inside the bank premises, while the injured staff died in the hospital.

According to him, the forest has been cornered by the police and his men are combing the bush in search of the thieves.

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