Sunday, 2 September 2018

31 Soldiers Killed, 19 Wounded As Boko Haram Raids Another Nigerian Army Base

Boko Haram insurgents in a camouflage military unit invaded the camp of the Nigerian army in Borno quarter Thursday and killed at least one officer and 30 soldiers while two officers and 17 soldiers were seriously injured.

The results of the Boko Haram fighters made an attack on the military unit in Zari, a small community north of Maiduguri and near the Niger border.

The unit attacked 12 trucks with a gun, accompanied by other fighters who walked at about 16:30. on Thursday.

Details were made available to Premium Times by reliable sources looking for strict anonymity because of fears that could be approved by the authorities.

Sources say that the predatory Nigerian troops originally fought for terrorist reprisals, but their efforts failed at some point, and the rebels came to camp for about an hour of shooting.

An unknown number of soldiers could still not be charged on Saturday morning, they said their sources.

The search and rescue operations take place in conjunction with battalion units 145.

Injured officers and men were evacuated to the Nigerian Army 7 Medical Services Division and Maiduguri Hospital.

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