Monday, 3 September 2018

27-year-Old Boy Stabbed to Death by a Soldier In Lagos

The family of a 27-year-old student of the Lagos State Polytechnic, Abraham Enebeli, has been tried after being stabbed by a soldier.

Punch Metro heard that Abraham was reportedly stabbed in the Ijegun area of ​​Lagos by a soldier attached to the Ojo Military Cantonment.

It was gathered that the military official, identified as Daniel Martins, reportedly broke a bottle and stabbed Abraham in a fight between the two.

Abraham's brother, Paul Enebeli, who spoke to Punch Metro, said that Martins had been hired by one Chukwudi.

Paul said: "The problems started in early August when Abraham Chukwudi was guilty or N150,000.

"Abraham said some people deceived him, but Chukwudi brought six uniformed army officers to our house.

"My brother was beaten up, my mother was hurt and they were trying to take away one of my brothers, some guys intercepted them, they threatened to keep coming back until my brother paid the money.

"There was an agreement between Abraham, my older brother, the soldiers and Chukwudi that would not be repaid because they had injured many people while reclaiming the money, and they agreed that my brother would pay N85,000.

"However, one of the soldiers continued to harass my brother." (Saturday) the soldier was a motorcycle with another friend who knew my brother.

"My brother and friend greeted each other, the soldier called my brother, but he refused to answer, which made him angry, he got out of his motor and pushed my brother.

"There was a heated argument between them, and the next thing he did was choose a bottle, broke it and put my brother in the neck, and immediately on the bike."

When Punch Metro contacted Chukwudi, he denied sending the soldier to Abraham, adding that the money was from the military officer.

He said, "I was not there when the incident happened, the money is not mine, it's the soldier's.

"I was a few months ago when the soldier called me that he had a few Amazon cards and I had someone who acted in such things.

"The gift of the cards and I gift them to the older brother of Abraham, Solomon, to sell the cards worth N175,000.

"When Solomon had to pay the cards, I gave him the account number on which he would transfer the money, but he kept on working.

"It came to a point that he stopped accepting my phone calls, and he later told me he would transfer the money to Abraham, who would later transfer it to me.

"After 30 minutes Abraham called me that he was being held by SARS agents when he went to ATM and that they had collected the money from him.

"I was surprised when he said that he would go to the ATM, because what I told them was to transfer the money to my account." There was no agreement between us that would have to pay N85,000. .

"The soldier was at mufti yesterday (Saturday) and I was told that Abraham talked to him anyway." He beat the soldier, making him angry.

"The soldier was picked up by Abraham, and he was ashamed and that's why he stabbed him."

The Army Public Relations Officer, 81 Division, Lt. Col. Olaolu Daudu, promised to investigate the incident.

He said: "Whether the suspect is a mimic or not, he has some action sued the army." Research is needed to clarify things, even if he is a scammer, he will be arrested and transferred to the police, who will carry out investigations, but if he is a soldier, he will be arrested and later handed over to the matter. '

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