Saturday, 8 September 2018

1-Year-Old Twin’s Body Part Cut Off In Lagos State Hospital

Ms. Victoria Ukwu, a number in a Shibiri Road private hospital in Ajangbadi, Lagos State, was arrested in connection with the mutilated body of a one-year-old twin, Favor Orogbu.

Two hospital nurses, Navico Clinic and Maternity, who were on the day of the incident, were also arrested.

The victim's right cheek would be cut off by a person to identify after Friday night. But the matron would have claimed that it was a rodent that caused the cut.

Saturday Punch discovers that Esther and Esther were going to the hospital by their mother on Tuesday, August 28th after they started throwing up. They were admitted.

While Esther was convalescing, the state of Favor would have become worse. She gave up the mind three days later.

The mother of the deceased, Amaka, said she and her sister-in-law wanted to remove the body around 7 am Saturday when the shocking discovery was made.

She said: "Last Tuesday around 10:00, my twins broke permanently and I took them to the Navico clinic and maternity ward, I paid 1,500 N for the matron's visit, there are about two days. , and I deposited N4 000 and got drops.

"Esther was recovering, but the state of Favor had not improved, I would be happy with her and she would be sure that Wednesday would be fine, that her condition was getting worse.

Amaka said the girl asked for pills on Wednesday night and added that her daughter would be hanging out all night until Friday night.

The mother said she was complaining about her long sleep, but the matron reassured her that Favor would agree.

She remembered: "I left the balance N6,000 this Friday night ... When I came back, she was still sleeping and took another infusion." "In the night, she started to breathe heavily and took her to the matron's office.

"The matron came to me and I was told that I should be calm." After a while, she told me that my daughter was dead. I told him that my husband was dead. not around and that I could not handle the situation alone.

"I was calling at the hospital, I was a hotel in the hospital that night, around 5 o'clock in the morning, the doctor came back to me and she came into the room where Favor was, she saw blood stains all over the sheet was used to cover the baby, she came back to ask me what was going on.

Amaka said she rushed into the room and confirmed the extension's extension, noting that the two immediately informed the matron of the discovery.

"The matron took the body out of the neighborhood." "After careful consideration, it was discovered that his face was cut off." She said it was a rat that cut her face. Department.

"The two nurses were arrested, the nurses fled first, but they were arrested," she added.

Lagos public relations officer CSP Chike Oti, who confirmed the incident, said the suspects had been arrested and transferred to the State Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, for further investigation.

Oti said: "On 1 September, around noon, Ms. Amaka Orogbu or No. 4, Salawu Street, Santana bus stop, Shibiri, reported that her daughter, Grace Orogbu, was sick and hospitalized at the Navico Clinic along the way. Shibiri Road., Ajangbadi for treatment.

"On August 31 at 11:30 pm, the matron, 52-year-old Mrs. Victoria Ukwu, confirmed the baby's death for her, and the hospital staff cut the baby's face.

"The above-mentioned official was arrested and she confirmed the charges, but the work shock examines whether the clinic has been authorized by the relevant regulatory agencies.

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