Friday, 3 August 2018

Timi Frank Dumps APC

Timi Frank, the Deputy Deputy National Public Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has officially dumped the party.

The spokesperson APC spokesman, who said this in a statement he personally signed on Friday, however, assured Nigerians that he will continue to speak against "injustice, intimidation, political persecution, criminalization of all opponents of the ruling APC."

Frank, who is silent on whether he is joining another political party soon, said he is ready to contribute to the growth of Nigeria by joining forces with "progressive forces to rescue it from collapse, poverty, corruption, tyranny, ignominy and undemocratic leadership. "

He thanked his supporters, both home and abroad, for their encouragement during his stay in the APC, which he commented on. , to leave the APC and to start afresh the struggle to reestablish the rule of law, respect for the fundamental rights of Nigerians and the restoration of justice, fairness and equity in the conduct of affairs in this country, irrespective of the personality that may be at the helm of affairs at any given time. "

The Bayelsa born politician recalled that when the APC was formed in 2014, he was among the first people that joined the party.

He said, "I was one of the early comers of the PDP, having been dissatisfied by the unsustainable trajectory of the past administration which I felt no longer possessed the political will to make Nigeria and her democracy reflect the lofty dreams of its founding fathers which among others was to unleash the untapped potentials of the Nigerian citizenry, especially its vibrant youth popula- tion, and their position in the economic and social-political advancement of the country.

"My decision to join the APC was based on its promises that are going to change for the better." Regrettably however, rather than lead the country with the principles that would be under the guidance of the international community, the country has taken a deep APA, with high level of tyranny, victimization, harassment, and political desperation, we thought that we would be back in the country, still rearing its odious head, although I am a victim of injustice and intolerance I have zero tolerance for injustice anywhere.

"While I consider the APC as a failed project, I am ready to make a contribution to poverty and poverty.

"Nigeria, where injustice, corruption, killings and corruption", Nigeria, where injustice, corruption, killings, and corruption bloodletting will cease to exist.

"I want to make it a reality that I am returning to my struggle against the limits of the economy and governance of this country through lack of vision, inefficiency, wickedness, and outright disregard for the welfare and security of the ordinary. This I hope to do until Nigeria is rid of injustice, intimidation, political persecution, criminalization of all opponents of the ruling party, and open attacks using the nation's security agencies. .

"Besides, I want to put on record of my deep respect for the APO Governor of the State of APO and Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, especially during the days of his comradeship where he fought and got a new minimum wage for Nigerian Obasanjo admin under the administration, however, it is most unfortunate that Oshiomhole who was once a voice for the oppressed workers and masses in the country is today serving the worst party in the history of Nigeria. A blind eye to the pathetic plight of the Nigerian workers, I will continue to speak for the voiceless in this country. "

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