Saturday, 25 August 2018

Tears Of Joy As Governor Fayose Allocates Shops To Traders

 The governor of the state of Ekiti, Ayodele Fayose, has awarded the traders stands in the ultra modern building of Oja Oba (market kings), recently built in Ado-Ekiti.

According to Fayose, the gesture fulfills the promise he made to the natives to make the market available before the end of his term.

Fayose told potential buyers during the event held at the market premises that the process would follow a voting system. He said it would be fair and transparent for all.

He said: "Today I have personally allocated to the beneficiaries the more than 200 Open Shops of the new Oja Oba market, Ado Ekiti.This has been done openly.The stores of the market complex will be awarded next week. .

"We use this as an opportunity for our people to benefit from the government.When we demolished the old market, we said we would make sure these people get the stores first." The only thing we can do is create a playground where people choose from options No and Yes If you choose yes, then you have won. "

The governor said that the ground floor stores would be sold for NZ $ 200,000, while the price of the stores on the other floors would be communicated to potential buyers in due course.

He explained that the shops on the ground floor were for small traders who sold perishable goods, while the other floors would accommodate large-scale traders, including shops.

He urged those who the ballot favored to pay the required amount within seven days so as not to lose this opportunity.

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