Monday, 27 August 2018

Spanish police seize pineapples stuffed with cocaine

Spanish police said on Monday (August 27th) that they had seized 67 kg of cocaine in dozens of pineapples cut from the main fruit and vegetable market in Madrid.

The stuffed fruits were found on the sprawling market of Mercamadrid, among a cargo of pineapple arrived by boat from Costa Rica in the Portuguese port of Setubal, then transported by land to the Spanish capital, police said in a statement .

Each pineapple was "perfectly hollowed out and filled with compact cylinders" containing 800 g to 1 kg of cocaine and covered with wax or yellow paraffin to conceal "the odors of the chemicals contained in the drug and prevent its detection".

Police arrested seven people in the operation - three in Madrid and four in Barcelona - suspected of playing a role in the cocaine smuggling operation.

Spain, with its historical and linguistic ties to South America, is the main point of entry into Europe for cocaine from the continent, mainly from Colombia.

Smugglers often use creative methods to obtain medicines beyond Spanish customs.

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