Sunday, 12 August 2018

Pregnant Women Can Now Buy A Lilo With A Special Hole For Their Baby Bump

 Companies constantly offer innovative ways. Now, there is a new product that future moms will love.

Peanut's parenting experts have created a special product for pregnant women after seeing an increase in demand for a woman on their application.

And they call it the Peanut Pregnancy Float.

The float is bright pink and has a special hole to allow women to rest their baby if they wish to lie on the front.

Writing on the side of the product, we read: "Put your feet up, we have you."

In launching the tank on Facebook, a spokesman for Peanut said, "We've seen a lot of moms talking about Peanut how much you miss lying on the front. So we created something for you! , Peanut Pregnancy Floats! "

Many women commented on the message sharing their enthusiasm and many even said they were considering using the float as well.

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