Sunday, 5 August 2018

Pastor Sacked For Sleeping With Female Church Members

Pastor Gabriel Ajeaga, senior pastor of the Light City church, Egan branch, was fired for allegedly sleeping with female members of the Lagos church, according to the PM Express.

This was made public by the head of the church, Pastor (Mrs.) Bonté Onyebuchi, in court during the trial.

Revealing details in court, Mr. Onyebuchi stated that what informed his decision to dismiss Pastor Ajeaga from the church was due to complaints about his adulterous life, as female members were no longer safe from his advances.

The church leader said she had to make the decision to save the church and members from any embarrassment and sexual harassment as she had received several complaints and confessions from members.

It was reported that Ajeaga, born in Edo, was angry after being fired. Angrily, he took a knife and walked to the pulpit to stab Pastor (Mrs.) Onyebuchi and other members in a religious service.

However, he was prevented from doing so and the knife was recovered. He was later handed over to the Igando Division police for his undisciplined behavior.

It was gathered that Pastor Ajeaga did not spare married women when he was supposed to supervise Mrs. Onyebuchi who was also married.

The decision by the head of the church to dismiss the accused was not welcomed as he claimed to be the one who built the church. He argued that it was a ploy to send him back when the church had grown up and that was why he went to church to wreak havoc.

He was tried in the Ejigbo court and pleaded not guilty.

Pastor Ajeaga was released on bail, but his wife, supposed to facilitate his release, abandoned him and he remained in detention. The wife allegedly believed the church's allegation, left it to her fate and refused to facilitate her release on bail.

It was at the postponement date that Ms. Onyebuchi told the court what had happened before the accused was arrested and charged in court. She further stated that besides coming to the church to attack him, Pastor Ajeaga had also purchased raw acid which he had planned to pay him; the raw acid was recovered in his house and brought to court as an exhibit.

During cross-examination, the accused denied all allegations made against him and asked the court to adjourn him to allow him to prepare to cross-examine the complainant.

The prosecutor, Mr. G. Simon, did not oppose the motion at the request of the accused.

Thus, the magistrate president, Mr. L.K.J. Layeni, adjourned to August 16, 2018, for further cross-examination by the accused.

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