Sunday, 19 August 2018

Nigerian Passengers Pay Higher To African Countries Than Within Europe

Passengers traveling from Nigeria to other African countries pay more than twice what they paid for traveling to countries in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and other continents, BusinessDay's results show.

Experts said that the reason African air fares are ridiculously superior to those of other continents is the lack of competition, connectivity and an enabling environment to make air fares affordable for an average African.
On top of that, African countries have refused to sign the Yamoussoukro decision, also known as the Open Skies Agreement, which allows liberalization of rules for international aviation markets and minimizes government intervention .
BusinessDay compared ticket prices in the largest economies in Africa and Europe.
The average price of the round-trip flight between Lagos and Kenya on Ethiopian Airline is between 350,000 and 400,000 nairas and between 320,000 and 350,000 naira for Lagos and Egypt, with Kenya Airways, Etihad, Turkish Airline and Ethiopian Airline. .
In addition, the average price of a return ticket between Lagos and SouthAfrica with South African Airways, Kenyan Airways and Rwand Air costs between 450,000 and 500,000 pesos and costs between 300,000 and 350,000 dollars from Lagos in Morocco on Royal Air Morocco. Egypt Air.
On the other hand, an Easy Airline return ticket from Milan to France costs about 50 pounds, which equals 25,400 N, using the black market exchange rate of 508 N per pound.
In addition, an air ticket from Emirates connecting Dubai to Bahrain costs 925dihrams, which is equivalent to 90,660 Nh.
The average price of a return ticket between Germany and Poland is between $ 85,000 and $ 110,000. While the average price of a return ticket from New York to Miami with United Airlines, JetBlue and Spirit Airline is between 40,000 and 55,000 NK.
For developing countries such as Latin America and South Asia, ticket prices are high, but relatively cheaper than ticket prices with Africa.
BusinessDay checks show that average ticket prices between Brazil and Mexico range from 250,000 to 280,000 naira. From India to Afghanistan on Sprice Jet and Air India, ticket prices range from $ 170,000 to $ 180,000.
In addition to this, ticket prices from Bangladesh to Sri Lanka on Bimen Bangladesh and Jet Airways cost between 147,000 and 160,000, while those from New Delhi IGI (DEL) to Mumbai (BOM) in India cost between 35,000 and 50,000 N.
"Without the propitious environment for airlines to operate and the implementation of the Open Skies Agreement, airfares will remain high among African countries," said Ikechi Uko, a Nigerian consultant specializing in tourism and expert in tourism.
Uko said that despite the fact that African countries have protected their skies, all their airlines are dying. "Countries with an open sky are doing better in aviation, so where is wisdom in the open sky?", He added.
Ayodeji Ebo, Managing Director, Afri Invest, told BusinessDay that the cost of operations was partly responsible for the high airfares, which vary from country to country.
"The annual fees for licenses from different countries may vary.The impact on average Nigeria is that it increases your cost of living and increases your purchasing power and limits average Nigeria from traveling for recreational, commercial purposes. or educational.
"If there are significant business opportunities out there, the cost of flying alone will discourage such investments and make them unsustainable by the time you factor in the costs," added Ebo.

Tayo Ojuri, industry expert and CEO of Aglo Limited, an aviation support service, told BusinessDay that prior to this time, the main challenge was the fact that there were restrictive bilateral agreements between intra-African markets and this has constrained the growth and development of air services in Africa.
"With this unique market of Africa Air, aviation could become the engine of growth.There will be a problem if the legal details are not well explained.That has had a deterrent effect is the fact that many African countries still believe in protecting their national interest and this can not be compared to the benefits of open skies.
"The only airline in Africa that benefits from this open skies policy is the Ethiopian airline, and the airline Asky was created to take Ethiopia across the two African countries and to other continents." Ojuri said.
He explained that part of the benefits of open skies is that open skies have the advantage of increasing air service connectivity, reducing air fares by more than 25%, integrating Africa and winning time.


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