Sunday, 5 August 2018

Nigerian Coach Dies In His Sleep

A Nigerian football coach, Sunny Supremo Chukwu, better known as "Jangaza Supremo" is dead. He died in his sleep early yesterday morning.

Prior to his death, the veteran coach was the N-WL1 side team leader, Lamray United F.C.

It was gathered that the coach complained of heart pains after training last night. Many of his colleagues and other footballers have used social media to mourn his sad death:

Adaobi Juliet Emeka wrote: "It's so sad that after all our struggles in life, we find ourselves still six feet down.

I am still shocked by your death. We spoke a few days ago and now I can not believe you are gone.

My big dad, Oye Eze, coach Supremo Chukwu

The world of football will miss you

I will miss you especially your paternal advice.

Rest on my big dad. "

Mazi Okonkwo Tochukwu wrote: "It's very painful to say goodbye to my own football father !!!! After talking to me a few days ago !!! Now, my boys are doing well in the we are told you good-bye miss daddy.

Keruo Nnanyere added, "What a world

Does that mean that last week's conversation was your way of saying goodbye?

Good and loving pple does not last anymore

Supremo Chukwu Maybe you rest in the bosom of the almighty.

Goodbye Jaganza. "

A sports journalist, Kennedy Onwunali, wrote:

Black Saturday at Enugu N-WL1 Team Head Coach Lamray United FC coach Sunny Supremo Chukwu died this morning after complaining of heart pains after training last night. May God rest his soul with eternal rest.

Coach Supremo Chukwu A.K. Jangaza SUPREMO of N-WL1side, Lamray United FC He played a key role in shooting Nigeria's best midfielder, Austin Jayjay Okocha.

The evangelist Orembo wrote: "It is so sad that I write this ... my heart is broken! I heard news of your disappearance this morning and I felt very bad! JANGANZA Supremo Chukwu, a man who encourages young and old, I will never forget you. You took me as a son and a brother, we worked hand in hand to try to improve football in the state of Enugu.

You helped discover talent in Enugu and paved the way even for those who thought they had lost hope in football. You had the idea of ​​organizing friendly matches against professional league teams to see if they could recruit our boys. Whenever I invite you to a program about football in Enugu State, you always give me your attention 100% despite all odds. You are indeed a man with a heart of gold.

If only we could return the hands of time, the rest in the Lord's boss for all is God's will. Goodbye sir, until we meet each other so that we do not separate. From me Ezigbo Mmadu as you call me affectionately. "

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