Friday, 31 August 2018

Monk Removed Amid Sex Probe

The head of the buddhist association headed by the Chinese government has been removed from office by the abbot of a church following a sexual assault investigation, officials said.

Xuecheng, a member of the Communist Party and the Longquan Monastery in Beijing, is one of the most prominent figures in the growing Chinese #MeToo movement.

He is the subject of a criminal investigation, after which he has been investigated for several years.

Investigators had also discovered evidence that it had been violated national financial rules.

Eminent personality of Chinese Buddhist with social media after millions of people, the presence of Xuecheng on Weibo's Chinese service, which looks like Twitter, has been silent since August 1, when he issued a statement rejecting allegations of sexual assault.

The Buddhist Association of China said in a statement that the decision to eliminate him was taken at a meeting last Friday after consulting the country's highest religious authority.

"We feel Xuecheng back as an abbot of the Longquan Monastery in Beijing," the statement said.

He resigned at the head of the Buddhist Association earlier this month.

The 95-page report, released online last month, contained allegations from two monks that Xuecheng had sent messages to at least six women.

The monks accused Xuecheng of threatening or coaxing women to have sex with him, claiming that it was part of their Buddhist studies.

In their report, the two monks, who are no longer members of the monastery, said that women had yielded to Xuecheng's demands.

The two men were asked to leave the Longquan Monastery after the report was leaked.

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