Friday, 31 August 2018

Lady Drugs Man To Steal Motorcycle

An 18-year-old woman, Zinatu Abubakar, was arrested by police in Katsina for allegedly drugging a man for the purpose of stealing his motorcycle.

According to the police, Zinatu persuaded the man to chew a chocolate bar, which made the victim unconscious.

The police said the suspect, who lives in Hayin Danmani Quarters, Kaduna State, was a member of a trade union specialized in deception.

Katsina State Police Command spokesman Gambo Isah, SP, told reporters in Katsina on Thursday that Zinatu was arrested on Wednesday and was being interrogated.

He said: "On August 29, around 10:00 am, the Commissioner managed to arrest a woman member of a famous motorcycle thieves' union, which specializes in the deception of motorcyclists by offering them poisoned chocolates.

"Nemesis met one, 18-year-old Zinatu Abubakar" of Hayin Danmani Ward, Kaduna State, when she and Kofar Kaura discussed a 25-year-old Gide Wada from Yarhaka village, LGA Batagarawa. Areas of Sokoto Rima, Katsina County. "

According to Isah, Zinatu offered a chocolate bar to the motorcyclist who removed him from the bike and became unconscious.

"With the good efforts of the Samaritans who witnessed the incident, the suspect, Zinatu Abubakar, was arrested while his cohorts, one Abubakar and his president, escaped.

"The suspect confessed to using the same mode of operation in Kaduna and Kano and stealing innocent cyclists from their motorcycles." The spokesman for the police said.

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