Saturday, 18 August 2018

Imo state Police Attacked Over 2000 Protesting IPOB Women With Teargas

Imo state police on Friday launched more than 2000 pro-Biafra women in peaceful protest in Owerri.

According to Vanguard, the women who wore black clothes and some of whom were topless began to protest the Okigwe road. In addition, some of them were reportedly arrested by the police.

The vanguard reports that some of the women reportedly said among other things that there would be no election on Igbo lands in 2019.

They also said that they were not happy that pro Biafra agitators were intimidated for expressing their opinions. They added that it was not a bad step for them to ask for a country called Biafra.

However, the tragedy ensued when more than 100 police officers with their patrol vans pursued the women and applied tear gas tactics to women demonstrating peacefully.

An eyewitness, Kelechi Iheagwoba, told Vanguard that "these fierce police officers being completely armed who blocked the road for women, these women headed to junction Akwakuma.

"Do you know that many of these women fainted and many of them were taken into police vehicles, some of them seriously beaten."

Speaking to Vanguard, one of the women, Nkechi said, "What is wrong for us to say no to bullying in this country, Nigeria, we are right to say that we are going to be part of that. It's legally right. "

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