Thursday, 23 August 2018

I Have No Problem With MI - Former Chocolate City Artiste, Koker

Hip-hop artist Olayiwola Kokumo, also known as Koker, explained why he had canceled his recording contract with the chocolate city label led by rapper MI Abaga.

When it was reported recently that the musician was no longer tied to the label, it generated mixed reactions from the audience; Some said he had personality problems with myocardial infarction, while others thought he had not received much attention during his four-year stay.

In an interview with a Punch correspondent, Koker, through his manager, Ibrahim Bello, said he had a very cordial relationship with MI.

He said: "We have a very cordial relationship, when it's time for business, we work and vice versa, we've had a lot of performances together and if you look at MI, it's on a totally different track. Team leader and all he does is discover, raise talent and give them the best possible exposure. "

Commenting on the label's alleged lack of attention, Koker said: "Everyone had at least a decent level of presence on the stage, I had strong back-to-back hits, which supported the efforts. of the label and I knew it was important to set priorities and give the label strength. "

The artist pointed out that he still had a very strong relationship with the label because the resolution passed at the end of the contract was that both parties stay with the family.

He added that his first song, Daddy, produced after leaving his old label, attracted a lot of attention.

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