Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Bride Dies A Day After Her Wedding

 Less than 24 hours after the celebration of her wedding, Fatin Nursyahirah Yusuf passed away.

She married her handsome, known only as Azzam, Friday morning. Unfortunately, Fatin Nursyahirah succumbed to cancer early the next day.

She had stage four sarcoma cancer.

Shukur Yusuf, 30, who documented her sister's Facebook marriage, said Fatin was admitted to the hospital after Friday prayers, as her breathing had deteriorated.

"God loves her more and she left us at dawn on Saturday with Mom, Abah (father), her husband, Mak Besah, and me by her side," he writes in a heartbreaking article that has become viral ever since.

In contact with mStar Online, Shukur said that his 24-year-old sister, affectionately called Kakak (older sister), had undergone two surgeries and radiation therapy since last year.

But the cancer had already spread.

"She was inconsolable, I tried to encourage her even when I cried myself," he said, adding that his sister's desire was to continue the marriage.

Azzam and Fatin were engaged in June of last year and Shukur said the two families agreed to continue the marriage despite Fatin's health.

"We were very moved by the sincerity of Azzam and his family who accepted that a sick person was part of their life.

"After the celebration ceremony, we felt grateful and relieved to be able to be united as husband and wife, even if it would only take a short time," he added.

He also wrote in his post that family members, witnesses and kadi were attending the ceremony.

Shukur said his family had accepted Fatin's death as part of God's plan.

"She was a lucky person, but she kept her problems because she never wanted to bother anyone, it was Kakak," he said.

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