Saturday, 25 August 2018

Armed Bandits Are Currently 'Plotting To Derail' Railway Projects

According to Sahara reporters, police said armed bandits were plotting to derail the railway infrastructure across the country from the train to Kaduna-Abuja.

According to a wireless police message signed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police in Abuja and obtained by Sahara reporters, "armed bandits operating in and around Kaduna State have planned to derail as soon as possible possible trains to Kaduna-Abuja ".

The document states that the attack is aimed at "sabotaging the efforts of the federal government".

The message detailing the planned attack revealed that the bandits planned to "attack the commuters, loot them, dissuade commuters from using the rail transportation system and return to the road transport system, especially on highways." the states of Kaduna, Kano and Yobe, including Abuja ".

As a follow-up to the investigation, the police are organizing efforts to "collaborate with local communities along the tracks to gather more information, identify the camps used by bandits and deploy officers to regularly monitor all activities around them. railway lines ".

Police should also carry out an intelligence-led raid on suspected criminal hiding places in camps likely to mitigate the imminent threat and liaise with the relevant authorities to install closed-circuit cameras installed on the police. railways" .

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