Tuesday, 28 August 2018

ADP Tackles Ambode, Over Unpaid Salaries Of Road Sweepers

The main opposition party in Lagos State, the Party of Democratic Action (ADP), called on Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to be heard today.

In a statement issued by Lagos' advertising secretary, Prince Adelaja Adeoye, the party said that the way visionscape and the state government of Lagos were unfair.

According to ADP, the governor clearly had a positive impact on the environment. false sophistication.

Since Visionscape is integrated, ADP has stated that allergies have been caused throughout the state, while workers have been working tools and other benefits.

The party said it was shameful that street sweepers had protested in Alausa, the state capital, today to express their dissatisfaction, saying the population should be the government's biggest concern, said ADP . which should not be due to a kobo. Speaking on behalf of other state officials, the party said the Lagos state government should pay all the unpaid wages of the workers.

ADP said it was about to be published to the best of its ability to provide services to the state of Lagos.

The party said: Visionscape failed to make Lagos cleaner. The party said the public can not feel the benefits of the Naira state's investment in the Visionscape project.

ADP said that waste management should not be a big problem because of its plan for Lagos, which would create more power and employment for Lagosians. The party also stated that it would probably be effective and that it would not be affected by this condition. immediately pay all salaries and other benefits received by street sweepers.

Prince Adelaja Adeoye
State Secretary for Advertising
ADP, Lagos Nigeria.

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