Tuesday, 28 August 2018

A Voice Speaking Into your heart-Agu Anthony

Life is a mysterious thing no one can explain .Living is a privilege, many have gone before now, and many will still die before tomorrow, likewise many will be given birth to. No One is privileged to known the day he will die.
That is why we should be careful on our daily actions and the way we speak. Believe it or not, we are not the owners of our life, and we are going somewhere after our stay here on earth and that is HEAVEN OR HELL CHOOSE FOR YOUR SELF.     We are here today does not prove it right that we must see the next sunrise.

That’s the number one reason we are to treat our fellow human being as you will like to be treated if you were to be in the same condition. Love is the word...Do Good, Treat Equally.
Living a sinful life is not the way out. Turn to Jesus and he will do you Good..
All That am saying is that you should live your sinful way of living and ask for the forgiveness of GOD and sin No  More Because you can die at any Time, This Message may be the last word of GOD you will here, Don’t Ignore this message. Please am begging you repent because we can die at any given time and our soul will be judged according to The way we’ve spend our life here on earth…please repent and turn to JESUS CHRIST.


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