Monday, 20 August 2018

92-year-old woman reunites with her 72 year old son after getting separated 68 years ago when the Korean War broke out

 Today, Lee Keum-seom, 92, exclaimed as she fell into the arms of her long-lost son in a holiday resort in North Korea.

Lee had waited 68 years to see his son again after the two men broke up during the Korean War and found himself stuck on both sides of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that now divides the two Koreas.

92-year-old woman finds her 72-year-old son after being separated 68 years ago when Korean War broke out

Sang Chol was four when she saw him for the last time. He is now 71 years old while waiting for Lee's arrival with his daughter-in-law. Lee was joined by her two daughters, who grew up in South Korea.

In the decades following the Korean War, the Red Cross brought together a large number of families, but thousands more missed.

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