Sunday, 1 July 2018

Woman Shocked After Marrying Okada Rider Who Posed As Military Officer In Lagos state

A motorcyclist popularly known as Okada's rider, Mr. Uche Godwin, was arrested for impersonation in Lagos after he pretended to be a military officer, tricked a young woman, Amaka, impregnated her and married her, reported PM Express.

It was said that Amaka had moved into his house as a wife, but all the time he did not know that he was a motorcyclist, since he had lied to him that he was an army officer. But the scam was exposed after they arrested Godwin in the state of Ajao in military uniform.

He was approached by police on surveillance who asked him for proper identification since he had claimed that he was an army officer. He was unable to provide a means of identification and was taken to the Ajao Police Division. The police then asked him to contact the military authorities to confirm their claims.

At that time, he later confessed that he was not an army officer. He begged them not to tell his wife that he was a false army officer.

It was learned that Amaka was invited to the police station and asked what her husband's job was. She said that he was an army officer and informed the police that he had military uniforms and went to work every morning with his motorcycle.

The following was the conversation between Amaka and Godwin at the police station:

Amaka: Honey! What happened?

Godwin: The police arrested me in the morning when I was going to work

Amaka: What was the offense they said you committed?

Godwin: They said he was wearing a military uniform and they claimed to be one.

Amaka: Yes, what happened to that? Did not he show up and show them his ID card as an officer?

Godwin: I did, but they took me to the station to investigate and they asked me to contact my Commander.

Amaka: Yes, call your commander and inform him so they can release you to go to work.

Godwin: I do not have a commander to call

Amaka: what! Are not you an army officer?

Godwin: Yes, I value Okada, please forgive me. I'll explain everything later. Find a way to liberate me and, if I go out, we will solve everything.

P.M.Express confirmed that at that time Amaka, who was very pregnant, broke down in tears and told the police that Godwin had lied to him that he was an army officer. She married him on that premise only to discover at the police station that he was an Okada rider. Amaka left the police station with anger and frustration.

Godwin was indicted before Isolo's magistrates' court for supplantation and use of the army uniform to deceive members of the public.

He pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor, Mr. Oje Uagbale did not oppose the condition of bail. Therefore, the presiding magistrate, Ms. O.A. Teluwo granted him bail of the sum of N100,000 with a similar sum guarantee.

He was held in pending penitentiary custody when he will perfect his bail condition. The matter was suspended until July 18, 2018.

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