Thursday, 12 July 2018

Woman Murders Dad Over Child Abuse Images

A woman who admitted to killing her father with a shovel and buried her body, wrapped in a rug, in her back garden was imprisoned for nine years.

Barbara Coombes brutally killed her father, Kenneth Coombes, in January 2006, when he was consumed with a "cloud of disgust" after discovering he had sexually explicit images of children.

This morning, at the Crown Court in Manchester, Coombes pleaded guilty to manslaughter because of reduced liability.

The 63-year-old woman had gardened at Stockport's house where she lived with her father when she came in and found pictures of child porn in a box on the dining room table.

Coombes went to face his 87-year-old father and hit him in the back of his head, then when he turned to her, she hit him a second time with the spade.

The court heard how the mom-of-one saw her father, who had served in the RAF during the Second World War, bleed to death.

His body was left unburied in the garden until the next day after he ordered a ton of earth.

In a confession sent to officers in January of this year, Coombes stated that she had been mentally and physically abused by her father from an early age.

However, Coombes did not tell anyone about it at the time of the murder and instead told a "series of lies elaborated to cover his tracks".

She continued to respond to letters and other correspondence on her behalf, the court heard, fraudulently claiming £ 189,000 in her pension and her carer's allowance.

She lied to her brother and daughter, saying that Kenneth had died suddenly of heart disease and was taken to the hospital and cremated.

After the burying of fortune in the garden, Coombes cleaned up Kenneth's business from home and continued to live there.

The net started closing on Coombes Assassin in the fall of 2017 when an agent from the local housing association visited the property to arrange a "winter wellness" visit for Mr. Coombes, who would have turned 99 at the time.

The 63-year-old tried to delay visits, but suspicions were raised.

A visit was organized and the day before, Coombes entered a police station and confessed.

Mother-of-one had known that her death would soon be discovered.

Judge King told Coombes that she only informed the authorities when the "net around you became narrower until January 18, as the authorities sought to see your father face face".

She had returned with her "strict" father after separating from her husband.

Coombes rolled his body into a carpet and buried it in the garden, having to order more soil because it did not cover his body.

The court was informed that Coombes had killed her father in a "cloud of disgust" and that she had "panicked" in deciding to bury the body.

At the time of the police search, former neighbor Terry Sever said, "To my knowledge, this man, Kenneth, has disappeared. I was not so friendly to ask where he was going. I did not see him anymore. "

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