Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Why I Finally Dumped APC For PDP - Gov. Ortom Reveals

At a rally in which he officially announced his return to the opposition democratic party on Wednesday, Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom said that the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress had continued to launch an attack against him.

The governor who made the declaration of his defection at a meeting with the presidents and councilors of the new banquet hall of the House of Government, Makurdi, said that 10 of the 17 legislators elected on the platform of the Congress All Progressives were ready to follow him to PDP.

"The state chapter continued to launch an attack against me," said Governor Ortom, saying that despite the intervention of the national leadership of the CPA.

Ortom announces Wednesday his letter of resignation from the APC at the Government House in Markurdi. (Photo: John Charles)

The governor said his defection was based on the decision of his state's youth to ban him from visiting Abuja on Wednesday, where he was due to meet the leaders of the APC.

"This morning, I wanted to go to Abuja to attend the meeting, but some young people from the state refused, they asked me to come back.

"But let me officially inform this gathering that I sent my letter of resignation from the CPA to the president of my parish and that he promised to join me in the new party," said Ortom.

Immediately, he announced his resignation from APC, the governor presented his resignation letter to the people.

"As I speak to you, 10 of the 17 progressive congressional legislators are ready to follow me to the new party.

"Can I officially announce that I officially went to the People's Democratic Party, PDP," Governor Ortom said.

Thirteen presidents of local governments and 276 councilors and leaders of the legislative council present have, according to their declarations, promised to follow the governor in the new party to support his aspiration for re-election.

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