Saturday, 21 July 2018

What Lionel Messi Told Coach Sampaoli During A Tense Meeting At The World Cup

It was revealed that following Argentina's 3-0 defeat against Croatia, they had one foot out of the World Cup. After this match, Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano summoned Jorge Sampaoli and the rest of his team.

Marca reports that it is according to the Argentine journalist Ariel Senosiain of TyC Sports and chronicler of Ole, who makes the revelation in his book Mundial es Historias.

The situation was critical and the players wanted to see the coach so they called Sampaoli at an urgent meeting with two of his assistants, Sebastian Beccacece and Lionel Scaloni.

The purpose of the meeting was clear, to make him see that the team no longer trusted him.

"We do not have what you say, we do not trust you anymore and we want to have an opinion," was their argument.

Sampaoli was surprised by this and responded by asking what they wanted to have an opinion, to which the players responded "on everything".

Messi took the floor and was also unhappy with Sampaoli asking who he was to bring, a moment that was picked up by the cameras.

"You asked me 10 times which players you wanted me to see and which ones I did not know and I never gave you a name," he said.

AFA President Claudio Tapia witnessed the unusual situation and was already aware of what the players were going to say to the coach and told Sampaoli he had to yield to them.

The meeting calmed down after a lively start but things never went overboard and the consensus was reached that the coach should listen to the players and not get angry.

One of his assistants, Beccacece, wanted to resign, but Sampaoli stopped him.

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