Saturday, 7 July 2018

"The most embarrassing day in my life was when someone saw me naked” – CeeC

 CeeC, finalist for Big Brother Naija, shared a recent discussion about how someone brought her into a break room as she tried to make herself comfortable.

Cynthia 'CeeC' Nwadiora recently gave an interview to Elozonam at Cliff Hanger, where she spoke about her stay on the reality show Big Brother Naija 2018 held earlier this year.

The first part of the TV show discussed many issues ranging from drama in the house, endorsement agreements, the embarrassing day of his life, hatreds and tastes, relational status and his plans for the future. .

Speaking of the most embarrassing day of her life, she explained how she was wearing a wetsuit and had a hard time removing her completely to pee before someone entered her private space.

CeeC actions

"I think (the most embarrassing moment of my life) must be the day I wore a wetsuit and I wanted to pee and try to skid and remove all the outfit just to pee, someone came into the house and I was ok I'm n * ked "she said amid noisy laughter.

When questioned further, the queen of the controversial drama that cut the wings of Tobi Bakre at home refused to mention the identity if the person.

The 26-year-old lawyer later explained in the rest of the interview that she was still single and that she did not want to date anyone at the moment.

She also revealed that she had missed the voice of Big Brother, but she is not interested in participating in the show again unless she is paid to do so.
Watch her speak below:

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