Thursday, 19 July 2018

Ten schoolboys rape teenage schoolgirl 'until she passes out' in India

The authorities are looking for nine schoolchildren who, with one of their accomplices already arrested, raped a grade 10 student before fainting in the latest sexual assault in India.

According to local reports, the girl who enrolled in a government high school in India's northeastern district of Bihar was recently attacked while returning home.

Police say she was restrained in a secluded area before being dragged into a sugar cane field and raped by ten young people until she lost consciousness. They also warned of "dire consequences" if she tried to tell the authorities of her ordeal.

The incident occurred when the girl whose exact age has not yet been revealed stopped going to school and her parents demanded to know why.

After his parents discovered what happened to him, they reported the incident to police who have already made an arrest with more outstanding reports, Gulf News.

In a statement by local district commissioner Arvind Kumar Gupta, he said: "The incident is very serious and sad, we are investigating the case and all those involved in the crime will be arrested.

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