Monday, 9 July 2018

Reason Why I Dumped My Boyfriend - Actress, Chiamaka Nwokeukwu

Chiamaka Nwokeukwu, exuberant and exuberant Nollywood actress, has established herself in the industry as a renowned actress, with great roles to her credit. But the fair-skinned beauty got that success at a price because she had to give up the boy she was dating at the time to pursue her dream because the boy was too jealous to begin his foray into the imaginary world.

"Yes, I dropped him for Nollywood because he did not want me to be a star, he did not want me to continue my career and he did not offer me, the guy can leave me tomorrow and now that I have the opportunity, I need to follow up God has blessed everyone with talent It's not easy to have talent, most people can not act and when you have zeal and you can do something, you have to use it, it's normal for a boy and a girl to meet and if you really love your daughter, you'd let her go where she wants. I get married, automatically if my husband says he does not want me to play again, I will not act as long as he takes care of me, "she joked in a conversation with Potpourri.

"He told me that he did not want me to act, that I am a very kind person, that I am humble, that when I go into the industry, I will meet great people and I will go wild and make different things I was like, I know myself, naturally I am humble I come from a very humble house, we have no bad scandal, so if you want to be bad, you will be bad, if you want to be good It's integrated, I explained everything to him, I was like, let me do this thing, just let me do it, if you see that I'm going astray, I'm going to stop. I immediately started going for my first shoot, he said I did not like him anymore but I told him that I still loved him a lot but he did not believe me and the only healthy thing I could do was leaving.

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