Saturday, 21 July 2018

PDP Exposes 'Dark Sides' Of Buhari's Nigeria Air Project

The PDP, the People's Democratic Party, said Friday that President Muhammadu Buhari should "perish the thought of trying to unveil a non-existent national carrier to seduce Nigerians now that elections are coming"

PDP claimed that the new national carrier was a plot hatched by the Buhari presidency to allegedly siphon billions of nairas.

The party said it was unfortunate that "having missed false promises and having no development plan to go by," Buhari and his party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, "now resort to the international kite. aimed at taunting unsuspecting Nigerians. "

In a statement by his spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, the opposition party said.

"Is not it funny that while other nations are unveiling and deploying real planes, the Buhari Administration, in a very hilarious way," unveils "aircraft drawings, a name, a logo and routes imaginary of a non-existent fleet, carrier, in the far away London?

"What President Buhari and his managers do not understand is that Nigerians can see through their fraud and lies.

"Apart from the aircraft drawings, there are no structures indicating that a new airline, scheduled to be commissioned in December of this year, is being created; offices, no staff recruitment and no ground activity in the country.

"Does not it smell like pure scam that less than six months to start operations, the supposed new company has not even started the licensing process even when it takes a minimum of six months for a new airline month to develop its manuals?

"In addition, any discerning mind can see through the lies in the announced private sector financing, as the Buhari administration was unable to register a private investor, it entered into negotiation or signed any form of agreement in said project.

"If the Buhari administration is not on a fancy trip to seduce Nigerians and pave the way for its corruption, it should have focused on our existing national structures, in addition to three airlines already exploited by Asset Management. Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

"So it's clear that the whole project is a huge scam and that the five percent financing of the government is a direct ploy by the cabal to the Buhari presidency to siphon out billions of nairas, using a ghost project."

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